Twitter Trend: The Cynthia love contract.

In the late evening of today, a married man as come out to cry for love as he gave a full details of his predicament to @Postsubman (via Twitter)

I was 36 years when I got this offer from a lady.

She said she needed a guy that will be her husband for 8years. Her mum was on her neck to get married. She placed me on salary of 200,000 for the period I will be acting as her husband. She gave me terms and conditions of which include must worship her, do house chores, never to cheat on her. She said she will use the period to make babies and she needed a man who is worthy to be a father to impregnate her. At the expiration of the contract, she will pay me off with 5million and on no account should I come to claim the children. I accepted because life was hard and I needed money badly.

My contract expired December 2020 and I was thinking she has fallen in love already. We have 4 children now. 3girls and a boy. I now see them as my family and I am already madly in love with my wife. She is a good woman and that 8years of being together is the best years of my life. I’ve been begging her to reconsider but she’s this stoic kind of person that wants freedom. She said she’s tired of my dick and because we are still together. She want freedom to do as she like. She is following your page. Guys are already flocking around her but she is waiting for us to dissolve whatever we have together. I can’t tell any family members this because she made me promise it must be between two of us only. Now she wants me to throw her out and if her people come begging, I shouldn’t accept. So that it will look as if her husband got tired and decided to end things. By so doing, her mum won’t worry her. Please house. I don’t want to leave this girl. Help me beg her. I’m thinking of telling her mum. She respects her mum so much and anything her mum wants, she must do it. But I swore an oath not to reveal the truth. Cynthia, your baby boy is hurting. I want to be with you and my children forever as one family. Cynthia is the best thing any man can have. Even though she made me agree to do house chore, she never allow me do it. We have house helps and and she made sure she cook my food herself. If she see me cooking, she will take it over from me and tell me it’s her duty as a wife. She helped me secure a job where I am till now and they are paying me very well. Cynthia still did not stop paying me her own salary. Some times will refuse to collect it, she will transfer to my account, I transferred it back to her, she will still send it back to me. She always say she’s doing it to fulfill her own side of the bargain. I buy her gifts and take her shopping, she will use style and send the money back to me and will tell me she knows the game I am playing. Cynthia, please allow me take care of you. I don’t need a dime from you again. Let me spoil you with everything I have. We never have much issues as a couple. She thinks the reason I didn’t cheat was because of my promise. It’s not that. What do I need another woman for when I have the best.

Please even if it means proposing to you and remarrying you, I’m ready. This time around allow me to be your husband for life. I’m now a wealthy man and I can take care of you. I am hurting. I can’t loose you. Not because of what I am getting from you but because I am now madly in love with you. I will kill myself if you leave me.


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