Twitter Trend: The Omotola’s scandal gist

Gistlovers dragged Omotola and her husband.

It was said Omotola was forming Holy Mary on Instagram and that’s what made them angry. They said they were going to post receipts that Omotola was cheating in her marriage.

As Omotola saw the post, she jazz up and went to Instagram with full force and told her fans to report Gistlovers page before things go south.

Some of her fans were already reporting the page while some Werey fans said they can’t report oo, that they want to hear gist

“It’s the courage for me.”

While some of Omotola’s people were begging Gistlover that they should not post receipts that it will scatter everywhere, other people were dropping more receipts for Gistlovers

Wahala really be like bicycle.

Before we knew it, Omotola edited her post asking Gistlovers to drop receipts, at this point Liver don come back to factory settings😂

Omotola 1 – 2 Gistlover

We thought the storm was over when Gistlover came to Twitter and said they won’t post Omotola’s receipt again.

Omotola’s people were having a field day till Gistlovers brother (Gist Merchant) drank Powerhorse with vexpa and decided to leak secrets from the pit of hell.

This GistMerchant came and said Omotola was sleeping with the former governor of Benue state (Suswam).

They said Honorable use to send Private jet to pick Anty Omosexy, that she will collect more money when she find other people on the same jet with her.

All the tax we dey pay.

We thought that was all, GistMerchant even warned Omosexy, they said SIFAX boss (Taiwo) shouldn’t have access to Dabussy whenever she visits London again or they will tell her husband.

Ahhh, so na home and away sturvs?

Everybody was sleeping , that’s how Gistlover had a nightmare and woke up, took his/her phone immediately and came to Twitter to drop receipt of Omotolas husband (Capt. Ekeinde) WhatsApp chat with his side chick .

Wahala upon Wahala.

In the chats , Omotolas husband was angry with his side chick because she now has a boyfriend.
He even told her that her boyfriend will have to shift for him when he comes to London.
Tenant wan come chase landlord like this!

Side Chick was asking for reasons why her own boyfriend should shift, Oga Ekeinde sent…
“By the time I give you the best pussy lick you have ever had, you go forget that your boy friend”
Ahhh, weldone oo Mr Lamido

Werey Gistlovers ended the inferno dragging with….
“Receipt Na turn by turn o,Receipt number 1”
Lmaoo, they even added…
“Receipt 101 is here. 102 dey road. Person wey Dey look for receipt go see am o ✌️”
Small play oo…!!

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