Twitter Trend: Vivian’s sexcapade with my Father

234POST brings you another trend from the Twitter streets

A tweep as come out of the Twitter street to accuse a popular tweep of sleeping with her father, the response she got was epic read more below.

Tweet extracted from accuser:

“A popular twitter user is having an affair with my father, currently the marriage of my parents is about to wreck, I’m tweeting this with pains in my heart .
my mother has been suspecting infedility because my father has completely change , he barely sleeps at home and he no longer provide for the family
Mom went to church and pastor told her a girl is using kayamata on my father. February 7th my mom saw this twitter user with my father in one of our Guest house. And she boldly fought my mother
Vivian please leave my father alone, undo the kayamata you are using on my father.

If this is clout may i never get what I am looking for
Please guys help me , my father just rented her a new apartment worth 1.4million
Vivian how can you be this wicked, my dad is no longer paying any bills at home because of you , you can’t defend yourself because you are guilty”.

Vivian Replied:

“The truth is , I’m dating his father , his daddy spends on me real good, and there is nothing to be ashamed of here because, this country is hard we need money to survive. I promise not to get married to your dad but I’m not leaving him anytime soon”.

More details will be uploaded as 234POST Investigates the matter further, JUST KEEP RELOADING THE PAGE EVERY 30MINS

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